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Michael Bouyer Photographer-Videographer

Photographer  -  Author

Multimedia Instructor

Michael has been a Multimedia Producer since 1980; a Photography Instructor since 1985; and a Multimedia Instructor since 1992.

He has been on the faculty of SFSU Multimedia Studies Department; and instructor for several City Recreation departments (throughout California); and a Multimedia Consultant - Curriculum Developer - Instructor, for a dozen School Districts in Northern California.

Michael is passionate about photography. As a former Mechanical Designer, and a former Director of Professional Education, he combines the technology of photography with the artistry of creative design. His one defining goal is to make you, your product or service, look the best it can.

Evolutionary Man Btn.jpg

- What Clients Are Saying -

"You are my new Best Friend.”

Portrait client Raquelle S.

After her portrait session (where I took the liberty of cleaning up her minor imperfections) 

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