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"One of a Kind" Portraits are exactly what the title indicates:

Nowhere will you find these family and individual portraits.

Each portrait contains memorable pieces of the lives of the family or individual.

They are "Fine Art" pieces that are truly "One of a Kind"!

Burn Some Bridges_1000ppi.jpg
The Story behind: "Burn Some Bridges"
This "One of a Kind" portrait represents this young lady's struggles to be "strong" under the overbearing thumb of her father. She rebels against his authoritarian controls over her life, as she reaches womanhood.
Her face in the fire represents her power and resistence. The "Little girl" looking back (in one direction) at the bridge she is willing to burn, and looking back (in another direction) represents  her connection with her Mom (whom she does not want to feel left behind).
The Story behind: "Break Out"
This "One of a Kind" portrait represents the sense of relief and freedom this young woman experienced once she finally broke free from the physical, sexual, and emotional addiction to her oppressive lover.
Her anger is only matched by her drive to overcome her fears of being alone, in her victory.
Break Out_1000ppi.jpg
Built in America_1000ppi.jpg
The Story behind: "Built in America"
This "One of a Kind" portrait was inspired by my opportunity to photograph a (over 50) female fitness trainer. She requested a portrait that would capture her fitness, for her memories going forward.
(I also shot her in the nude, incase my artistic representation did not satisfy her evidentiary expectations)
The Story behind: "Listen to Your Heart"
This "One of a Kind" portrait was a family portrait. The client commissioned me to produce an art piece for her living room wall. I convinced her to let me create a piece that is both fine art and a family portrait. Every component in this portrait represents the people in her family, that mean the most to her. When she saw the finished piece, she gasped and cried.
(Her husband, originally perplexed as to why his wife would commission a $3500 portrait, saw the piece, as I installed it  on their living room wall, and he fell silent, revealing a smile and a tear).
Listen to Your Heart_1000ppi.jpg
Justice and Temperance_1000ppi.jpg
The Story behind: "Temperance & Justice"
This portrait was also a family portrait. The client heard of my "One of a Kind" portraits and requested a fine art piece that would capture her family. As a law enforcement daughter who struggled , throughout her early life, with physical forces used by her father (in the performance of his police duties), she wanted something that would help her reconcile conflicts with his finally passing away.
The Samurai sword and the female Buddha "Quan Yin", represent Justice and Temperance. The Dragon and the Phoenix represent her reconciliation.
This is the only "One of a Kind" portrait I have ever created without being commissioned to do so. (And it's my most cherished work)
The Story behind: "Wall Street - Main Street - Our Street"
I encountered a homeless woman, camping outside my former downtown Art Gallery. After offering her a plate of food, and the offer being declined, with her comment: "Oh thank you dear, but I have money!" I created this portrait.
(She was homeless because her family had perished in a house fire, and she chose not to ever live in a house again. A couple years later, I discovered she had perished in a fire, trying to keep warm under her tarp).
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